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NatureWise Pest Control provides removal of killer bees and exterminates hornets and wasp along with all stinging insects in the Birmingham, AL area

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Bees & Hornets

Bees, Killer bees and wasps belong to the same insect family, which also includes ants, and can often look similar to an untrained eye. Both can present danger and become a great inconvenience if found nesting on or near your property. They are an important part of our ecosystem but can present a problem when nesting close to human. If you find a bee or a wasp nest on or near your property, it is important to consult a professional pest control specialist to make sure it is removed safely and with consideration for the environment.

Bees are an important part of our eco system and make a significant contribution to the economy by pollinating fruit orchards and producing honey, beeswax, royal jelly, and propolis that are widely used in cooking and medicine. That is why if a bee hive is found near human dwellings, the pest control and bee specialists will try to carefully move it to a safe location rather than destroy it.

Bees can be more than just an inconvenience for humans. Many are allergic to the bee venom and may suffer serious consequences if stung. Looking for secure and undisturbed places to nest, bee hives can often be found in tree holes, chimneys, wall voids. Removal of a bee hive is a complicated, delicate, and often dangerous process. Never attempt to do it yourself.

Hornets & Wasps - GONE!

Wasps are often mistaken for bees due to the characteristic yellow and black coloring. Like bees, wasps are stinging insects but tend to be more aggressive and might present an even greater problem if nesting near human dwellings. Most species of wasps do not build complex societies, like those of their relatives ants and bees, but prefer to lead a solitary existence. Many wasp species are either parasites or predators.

Common Types Of Stinging Insects in Birmingham

Most common types of wasps in Birmingham, AL are yellow jackets and hornets. Both are very aggressive when protecting their nests and will sting at the first sign of danger. Wasps do not die after stinging their victim since the stinger is not pulled out of their body as is the case with bees. That means, wasps can sting repeatedly injecting the victim with a large amount of venom.

Removal of a wasp nest is a delicate process that often requires a multi-step approach. It should only be done by professionals. Call your pest control specialist for advice and evaluation.

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